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Unsure On What Screed Suits Your Project?

At E. P. Berry Floor Screeds Ltd, we acknowledge the significance of selecting the right screed type for your project and having an extensive portfolio gives us the knowledge to advise you best.

We offer tailored and diverse options to cater to your needs and meet your deadlines efficiently. EPB pride ourselves on the quality and cleanliness each job is completed. Ensuring a smooth level finish, provided by a knowledgeable team at a reasonable cost. 

If you have any ongoing or upcoming projects around the Midlands, we will gladly provide you with a no-obligation quote for hassle free completion of your screening requirements. Additionally, we offer complimentary site visits during which our screed experts assess your site preparation and requirements to ensure smooth execution on the day of installation.


For further details or a free quote, please contact us today. We also offer our services to within a 100-mile radius of our location.

Types of screed we offer

With there being several different types of screed which can be used for varying applications, its important to know the one you're choosing is correct, if you're unsure about anything please contact us so we can help out. 

Bonded Screed:

Bonded screed is fully bonded to the substrate using a bonding agent (SBR, PVA GROUT). It's usually laid at a thinner depth around 20-40mm and used where heavy loading will be a common occurrence. 

Un-bonded Screed:

Laid on top of a damp-proof membrane (DPM) directly laid onto the concrete which helps to minimise shrinkage and helps with the setting time of the screed by keeping moisture out. it is crucial the drying process isn't rushed during this stage. Thicknesses can vary from 50-75mm

Underfloor Heating (UFH) Screed:

A lot of the domestic jobs we complete have an underfloor heating system in place as it's an ideal way to heat your home through the floors. Traditional screed is laid directly on top of the UFH pipes meaning cold spots are avoided. Laid usually at a depth of 70-80mm but with certain admixtures this can be reduced. 

Types Of Screeds We Offer

Multiple Options For Sand And Cement Screed


Traditional Sand & Cement Screed

The tried and tested traditional screed remains famous for its flexibility and suitability for various applications and projects. We adhere to the highest standards with BS EN13813 compliance and offer early strength options and surface crack minimisation solutions. This screed takes longer to dry (1 day per 1 mm up to 40mm, then two days per 1mm after), but its reliability and broad applicability make it a solid choice.

Early Strength Sand & Cement Screed

Different cement brands offer different strengths (N/mm2), the higher the strength, the faster the setting times. We can get 50+ N/mm2 which is ideal for buildings which will receive high levels of foot traffic.

Once mixed, the materials must be usable for only 8-12 hours and allow site traffic in 4 days with greater overall strength. By mixing on site we can ensure the water to sand and cement ratio is optimal to minimise shrinkage. 

Fast Drying Sand & Cement Screed

Site batching our own materials gives us the advantage of being able to use a fast drying additive, which drys thicker screeds faster per millimetre of screed per second. In some cases allowing finished floor coverings to go down just 4 days later. The thicker the screed the longer this process will take.

Fibre Reinforced Sand & Cement Screed

Whether we're doing an extension, patio or supermarket, we always use fibres in every single mix. Using a generous handful of fibres per batch significantly minimises shrinkage, increases the flexural strength and toughness and also conforms to BS EN 13813 standards. Foot traffic is suitable after 48hrs and site traffic after 7days. 


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